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Subscription Requirements

DREAM Satellite TV is available only in the Philippines. You must reside in the Philippines before subscribing.

1. Submit the following requirements

  • Completed DREAM Subscriber Application Form.
  • Any one (1) Valid Picture ID

    -   Philippine Driver’s License
    -   Philippine Passport
    -   Company ID
    -   Professional Regulations Commission ID
    -   Alien Certificate of Registration (for foreign nationals)


    Any two (2) Valid Picture ID
    -   New SSS/ GSIS ID
    -   Firearm  License
    -   Sport & Country Club Membership Card
    -   International Civic Organization ID
    -   Government Service ID
    -   OTHERS (clearance from PMSI)

  • Any one (1) Proof of Billing Address

    -   Public Utility Billing (electric, Cable, Water, Telephone, Mobile Phone, etc.)
    -   Local Credit Card Billing (not more than 2 months old) with photocopy of credit card


    Any two (2) Proof of Billing Addresses
    -   Employer’s Certificate
    -   Notarized Contract of Lease and Landlord’s Proof of Billing
    -   Cooperative Billing Statement

2. Select a mode of Payment For Subscription

a)  Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA) – – All VISA, and Mastercard Card Holders may enroll their Credit Card in the DREAM ADA. To enroll, simply call our Customer Service Hotline at 918-8000 and request for an ADA form to be faxed to you.

b) Cash deposit to Dream account

c) Dream Pre-Paid Card –  Load through our Customer Service Hotline number. Prepaid Cards come in 350, 550, and 750 denominations available through our accredited dealers nationwide

3. Submit requirements and pay via any authorized DREAM Satellite TV dealer and schedule your installation.